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Butterfly Anglepoise® by Roo Abrook

Mixed media artist, Roo Abrook has already created a stunning series of special edition prints for The Creating Balance Project – you’ll find limited editions of two of her handmade prints in the Anglepoise online shop now.

For the new Project Showcase at Aspex gallery in Portsmouth, UK. Roo has put her unique artistic stamp onto an Anglepoise® Type 75 transforming its clean modernist aesthetic into a fanciful – and symbolic - butterfly lamp.

Says Roo: "The lamp was a very organic process that progressed naturally. I use antique books and text pages within my work, so it was the perfect medium to use to cover the lamp to represent reading and knowledge. Butterflies are used to symbolise transformation of us as humans, what we learn from the information that we read and how that changes our views…. I've recently been working with liquid wax and used this to coat the butterflies which gives a beautifully aged finish and ties in with the idea of light."

Look closely and you’ll spot an Anglepoise lamp on one of the butterfly’s wings!

See Roo’s remarkable vintage inspired butterfly lamp at the Creating Balance Project Showcase, now showing at Aspex in Portsmouth, UK.

Photography - Claire Sambrook  and Roo Abrook


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