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For the past two decades Wired Magazine has been the first word on the way ideas and innovation are changing the world. Created for and about the ‘Digital Generation’, Wired offers a remarkable insight into the future of business, culture, innovation and science. Its reputation for editorial excellence is well earned, resulting in a string of awards, which simply keep on coming. 

So we were delighted to discover that the Anglepoise® Original1227™ task lamp had been picked by writer, Tim Moynihan as one of “12 Designs that Changed Everything” for his feature in Wired’s latest edition of DesignLife. Moynihan’s reasoning - that the Anglepoise lamp was one of the earliest forms of responsive design - is underscored by Rama Chorpash, director of product design at Parsons the New School, who compares the Anglepoise® to another breakthrough design, the ubiquitous iPod: “you touch it and it responds directly”.

What’s more, our beloved Anglepoise lamp is lined up alongside some of our personal favourite, life changing designs – such as the Shelby Electric Company’s carbon-filament light bulb, a design that defies the laws of planned obsolescence, the Leica A, the very first high functioning camera you could slip in your pocket, the Sony Walkman, which totally transformed the way we listen to music, and of course the Apple iPhone it subsequently inspired.

You can read the full article here 


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