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Anglepoise women: Meet Veronica Ditting

We get a bit of a rush whenever we spot our lamps in a stylish interior, or when they’re being used by someone we admire. So when we discovered that influential art director and graphic designer, Veronica Ditting was an Anglepoise® fan, we felt we had to ask her some questions:

What is your professional role?

I’m the art director / graphic designer at my own design studio and art director of The Gentlewoman and COS magazine.

Can you briefly summarize what you do?

I run my own design studio between London and Amsterdam and work for a wide range of clients, from individuals to institutions, within the fields of art and fashion. My focus is mainly on printed matter: magazines, books, visual identities and exhibition designs. Most of the time I get approached for projects that require some editorial direction, such as Multiple Densities, a book I edited and designed for the artist Katja Mater (published by ROMA).

How did you break into the industry?

I started working independently immediately after graduating from the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam – it’s a very collegiate culture there, where work’s passed around between peers. A couple of teachers, Barbara Visser, Linda van Deursen and Julia Born, recommended me for projects, which definitely made it easier to get started. Barbara also commissioned me to edit and design The Complete Incomplete Series, a book on her photographic works, which was the first proper book I made and was received really well. Clearly, the success of Fantastic Man, whose issues n°3–17 I worked on, and The Gentlewoman have brought many new opportunities in the fashion world – like working on COS magazine, CERRUTI’s visual identity, Pollini’s 60th anniversary and recently a book for Selfridges.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

A seemingly never-ending to-do list. Also, I’ve recently moved to London and there’s lots to explore. The Sir John Soane House, Kew Gardens and many galleries are on my list.

How do you wind down at the end of the day?

I love watching documentaries – I can go a little overboard with it. Last year I watched 14 during the International Documentary Film Amsterdam. But like anyone else, I like seeing friends for drinks or dinner.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in your field?

Find your own area of interest within your field, work hard, be excited about what you're doing.

Work aside, what is your proudest achievement?

Having good relationships with my friends. Having recently relocated, I’m conscious of making sure everyone feel that they’re still in my thoughts. I love sending postcards, I’m not convinced the odd email is quite personal enough.

… And your wildest dream?

With the kind of workload I have, I can’t imagine how I’d ever achieve it, but I dream of taking two years off and slowly travelling from Ushuaia, the most Southern city in the world to Toronto.

… And your guilty pleasure?

Trashy box sets. Game of Thrones – I'm completely hooked! My friend Sander and I watch it together.

Do you have a favourite Anglepoise®?

The Type75™. I bought my first white one right after graduating from the Rietveld Academy in 2005. It's the ultimate classic timeless desk lamp, isn’t it? Since then I’ve moved office spaces a couple of times and it’s always moved with me. Actually, The Gentlewoman’s offices are full of the white Type75™ too – everyone loves them!

Photography by Kasia Bobula for Whistles


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