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Christmas Gift Buying Guide - Anglepoise


Winter: dark in the morning, dark in the afternoon and on some days, never properly light at all. No wonder we reach for the fairy lights to brighten the gloom. Now I love a fairy light as much as anyone, but a Christmas light is just for Christmas, whereas a beautifully-designed lamp will last a lifetime. So in an effort to banish the winter blues, add some seasonal notes and solve your present dilemmas all in one, stylish, swoop, I have compiled a list of must-have lamps guaranteed to light up your winters, and those of your loved ones, for years to come. 


Type75 Mini

Small but perfectly formed, this compact little lamp is pretty enough for any table top. Seasonal in Signal Red, functional in Brushed Aluminium and cute in Powder Blue, its chameleon tendencies mean that it will fit in anywhere.


Type75 + Paul Smith

When one design legend collaborates with another design legend the results are bound to be spectacular and Paul Smith’s discordant yet tonally perfect take on the Anglepoise® Type75™ was so beautiful that it sold out almost immediately. However, Anglepoise® is busy re-stocking as I write and will have new supplies available by the end of January. I know that’s too late for Christmas but design aficionados love a waiting list, so I’m confident that a promissory note for this little number would be very welcome indeed on Christmas day.

ORIGINAL1227™ / FROM £160

Original1227 Brass Collection

A classic that no home should be without. Buy one in Black or Bright Chrome for the design purist in your life and in Signal Red for yourself as a nod to the season. 



New to the Anglepoise family this autumn, this lamp has all the qualities of the Original1227, but with the addition of wall and pendant versions and some rather smart brass components. It also comes in a range of heritage colours including Elephant Grey and Deep Slate. Smart, unusual and very grown up indeed.

TYPE1228™ / £230


The fashionista’s favourite, Type1228™. is a pop of life-enhancing colour. Being an Anglepoise® however, there is also substance behind the frivolity: Type1228™ has an extra bit of reach and a tilting head so it functions as both a reading light and an ambient room illuminator. What’s not to love?

GIANT1227™ FLOOR LAMP / £2400


Who needs a Christmas tree with one of these in the sitting room?

Words: Charlotte Abrahams, writer, curator and co-editor of the Selected Journal. 


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