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HANG IT ALL - Finding that perfect pendant light

There is so much more to the pendant light than a single shade marooned in the centre of the ceiling. Charlotte Abrahams has some extremely stylish suggestions:

The Cluster of Pendants

Nothing says ‘chic modern home’ quite like a cluster of pendant shades hanging low over a sideboard or dining table. Whether you stick to a single style or go for an eclectic selection of different shades is up to you, but it is important to vary the heights and form your groups in odd, rather than even numbers. (Three, five even seven if you’re feeling brave.) 

Type 75 Pendant in Jet Black and Alpine White, £175 

The Spot Pendant

Draw attention to an arrangement of lovely objects with a pool of focused light from a perfectly-placed spot light. Wall lights such as Anglepoise’s Brass Wall Light (see below) work well, or try a single pedant hung low over the display. (Tip: if you are hanging lights low, then do think about the cable: no one want to look at a meter of plastic wire.)

Original 1227 Brass Wall Light, £125 & Pendant, £95 in Dusty Blue

The Statement Pendant

Add drama to hallways and stairwells with a statement pendant light. Try experimenting with colour and scale; an injection of brilliant colour will add zing to a dark hallway for example, while an over-scaled shade is a playful, contemporary take on the traditional chandelier.

Giant 1227™ Pendant in Citrus Yellow, £350 

The Task Pendant

Task lights may be functional but that doesn’t mean that they have to be boring. Go for something simple in form and use repetition to create impact. Hanging a line of identical, pared down pendants along the length of a work top or multi-purpose kitchen table, for example, is a smart way to get light where you need it. (Tip: run over-the table lights on a dimmer switch so that you can create different atmospheres: bright for home work and dim for supper parties.)

Type 75™ Maxi Pendant in Alpine White, £175

The Space Saver Pendant

Who says lamps have to stand on the floor? A small pendant, suspended from the ceiling over an armchair or beside makes a great reading light – particularly when space is tight.

Duo™ Maxi Pendant in Jet Black with black and white cable, £120


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