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Timeless Design at Harrods - LDF 2015

Timeless Design, curated by Harrods, will run from 12th-27th September 2015. Other participating brands include Alessi, Le Creuset, B&B Italia, Fritz Hansen, Knoll, Tom Dixon and Vitra.

Monday to Saturday 10am - 9pm
Sunday 11:30am - 6pm

Find out more about the exhibition.

This month, as part of Timeless Design, curated by Harrods for London Design Festival 2015, Anglepoise® is hosting a retrospective that shines a spotlight on key events from our 80-year history, with displays of lamps from different decades and rarely seen artefacts. 

With its streamlined design, the Anglepoise® has stood the test of time, but then again, it's no ordinary lamp. In 1932, an automotive engineer named George Carwardine, who loved to experiment in his spare time, devised a new type of spring that could remain in position after being moved in different directions. He patented the spring ltater that year and then combined it with flexible joints, a heavy base, and a special shade to focus the beam - thus the Anglepoise® was born. Various models were intrduced in the '60s, '70s, and '80s, but in 1992, the Original 1227 was voted the "favourite light of all time" by 25 top designers. Today the archetypal lamp is considered an essential desktop accessory. It is hailed as one of the most distinguished British designs alongside other classics such as the Mini Cooper and the red telephone box. 

Below is a glimpse of what's on display:

The Original 1227
1935 – Mid 1960’s

The Original 1227™ was first introduced in 1935 following the publication of George Carwardine’s patent. It remained in production for 30 years, ever evolving to keep in step with the times. 


The Evolved 1227
1935 – Mid 1960’s

Post war the Original 1227™ design was further improved to maintain both the integrity and the relevance of the original design.


Navigator’s Lamp
Late 1930’s

This special edition of the Anglepoise® was developed for use in military aircraft - many thousands were produced during World War Two.


Model 75
Early 1960's

The arrival of the 1960’s gave the impetus for further improvements and a new- look Anglepoise, the Model 75™.


Model 90
Early 1970’s

Although aesthetically similar to the Model 75™, the Model 90™​ was introduced to meet British Standard 4533, soon to be a necessary requirement under Government initiated Electrical Safety regulations.


Apex 90 Collection

The Anglepoise® has always been built to be reliable and robust but if the lamp was dropped the central plastic joint was found to be vulnerable. So once again the design team went back to the drawing board to create the Apex 90™.


Anglepoise® Today

Innovation continues at a pace. See for example Paul Smith’s latest reinterpretation of Sir Kenneth Grange’s Type 75 Desk Lamp design and the new alternative version of the iconic Original 1227 design, featuring solid brass components, retro colours and twisted woven cord.




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