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Anglepoise + Margaret Howell - Type 75™ Yellow Ochre Edition

Launched in December 2012 and up until now available exclusively at Margaret Howell shops, Anglepoise® is delighted to announce that the Margaret Howell Yellow Ochre Edition of the Type 75™ desk lamp and floor lamp are now available to purchase on our website. The colour is a precise match to a vintage 1970’s Anglepoise® Model 90™ lamp owned by the designer. 

Click here for the desk lamp

Long an admirer of British modernist designers, who were responsible for designing everyday objects that were functional, beautiful and affordable to everyone, Margaret Howell has frequently championed the sheer simplicity and practicality of the Anglepoise® lamp:

“I remember spending hours doing my school homework under an Anglepoise® lamp …The Anglepoise® is another design classic which I grew up with and took for granted. It's functional origin making it what it is, no more no less.”  Margaret Howell

Anglepoise + Margaret Howell

Type 75™ was designed by leading British industrial product designer, Sir Kenneth Grange in 2004, a designer known for his singular modernist style and user-centred approach. It was the Margaret Howell’s much loved Model 90™ that provided inspiration for the Type 75™ design, so entirely appropriate that Margaret Howell should select this lamp for her most recent Anglepoise® Edition. 

With clean lines, flowing movement and no-frills functionality Type 75™ has long been a popular choice for architects, designers and home-owners. It was Type 75™ that Paul Smith recently selected to imbue with his inimitable touch. Now customised with Margaret Howell’s fine-tuned colour choice, Type 75™ is surely well on its way to attaining design classic status. 

Click here for the desk lamp

Also available at Margaret Howell shops.

Words: Kathryn Dighton



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