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The Clocks have gone back - longer evenings await

The clocks have gone back, taking the light with them. Some lucky folk head south when the dark days come, but for those of us tied to over-wintering on the British Isles the only remedy is to fill the house with lamps. Any lamp will help dispel the gloom of course, but an Anglepoise® lamp will do it in style. Here are my top five for the home, all of them a perfect combination of form and function.

Type 75™

Think desk lamp, think Type 75™. The result of 80 years of refinement, this fully adjustable design represents the desk light at its most classic. Modernists in search of illumination need look no further.

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Type 75™ Mini

With all the understated, streamlined beauty and faultless functionality of its full sized cousin, but on a smaller scale, this little lamp is proof that size really doesn’t matter. 

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Type 1228™

Sir Kenneth Grange’s 2004 take on the traditional Anglepoise® comes in six colours, ranging from a serious granite grey to a playful Carmine red. The colours in between are rather lovely too, so why not invest in the lot and make yourself an illuminated forest?

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Anglepoise® + Paul Smith - Edition Two

We adjust the colour of our clothes as the seasons change, so why not our home accessories? The second iteration of Paul Smith’s hugely popular take on the Type 75™ is a homage to the rich, jewel tones of autumn; a warming blend of slate, emerald green and deep, burnt orange ideal for the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

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Anglepoise® + Centre Point by Eley Kishimoto

The result of a collaboration with masters of print Eley Kishimoto to celebrate the revival of the brutalist architectural icon that is London’s Centre Point tower, these three witty inversions of the patterned lampshade will lift the spirits on the darkest of days.

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Words: Charlotte Abrahams, Freelance Design Writer, Curator & Co-Editor of Selected Journal


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