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Anglepoise® Christmas Gift Guide 2015

December is upon us which means that it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your loved ones. Clearly, the presents for those you share a home with are the most important – not least because, if you’re clever, they can double as gifts for yourself too. For example, I have been lusting after several Anglepoise® lamps this year, so I’ve decided to buy something off my wish list for each person in the house. They will be thrilled, I will be thrilled and the house will look fabulous. Here’s my list. As you will see there is something for everyone.


Anglepoise Type 75 Mini Desk Lamp

Type 75™ Mini (From £105)

It may be small, but this little lamp certainly packs a punch. Especially in Signal Red. If you can’t think of someone to give it to, buy one as a festive decoration. Shop now.


Anglepoise + Paul Smith

Anglepoise® + Paul Smith - Type 75™ Desk Lamp - Editions One & Two (£160)

These striped beauties are desirable on their own, but together they are utterly irresistible. I plan to persuade the recipient to place them facing each other at either end of the bookcase in our sitting room. Shop Edition One or Shop Edition Two, or see it instore at one of our retail partners.


Original 1227 Desk Lamp

Original 1227™ (From £175)

Launched in 1935, this is the most iconic of all Anglepoise lamps and therefore a must for every aspiring design aficionado. I am going for Bright Chrome because that is the young recipient’s favourite shade, but it’s super chic in every colour way. Shop Now.


Anglepoise + Centre Point by Eley Kishimoto

Anglepoise® + Centre Point (£200)

This is one for lovers of pattern (its designers Eley Kishimoto are pattern royalty) and /or Brutalist architecture (CentrePoint Tower is one of London’s best examples). In my house, that person is me but I am confident the person I’m giving it to will be persuaded to share my taste. Shop Now or see it instore at one of our retail partners.


Original 1227 Brass Desk Lamp

Original 1227™ Brass (From £235)

The woven cable, touches of brass and heritage colours make this version of the 1227 both traditional and glamorous. Which grown up family members will find a very beguiling mix. Shop Now.


Giant 1227 Floor Lamp

Giant 1227™ (£2,400)

Vast, exuberant (and in Signal Red a very good substitute for a Christmas tree), the Giant 1227 is proof that best things don’t necessarily always come in small packages. I am giving this to my student son – his term time home is far too small so it will have to stay with me. Clever eh? Shop Now.


Words: Charlotte Abrahams, Freelance Design Writer


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