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University Essentials - Back to school guide 2016

September is here, which means that students up and down the country are already thinking about what to pack in their bags for the new term. Deciding what to take and what to leave behind can be tricky, so we have compiled a list of essentials. From the best desk lamp to the ultimate back pack, these are the items that every fresher needs.

Let's start by focusing on the priorities: Lighting | Stationery | Refreshments | Decoration | On the Move


You will be working some of the time and when you do, you need to make sure that you can see clearly; particularly once the sun has gone down. Anglepoise® has been creating task lights for over 80 years and while there might be cheaper models on the market, few can rival Anglepoise®’s style, functionality and longevity. Invest in one of the compact yet stylish options below and it will be lighting up your desk long after you graduate.

1 - Original 1227 Mini Studio Edition - £165
With a choice of 38 colour combinations, this lamp can blend into any set up. Keep it simple with a monotone lamp and contrasting flex, or go for a full scale mash up and pick a different colour for each of the lamp’s separate elements. Shop now.

2 - Type 75 Mini Desk Lamp - £105
A neat and colourful version of the classic Type 75, this lamp is perfect for spatially-challenged student rooms. There are even accessories like desk inserts or desk clamps for those of you who struggle to find a bit of space on your desk. Shop now.

3 - Original 1227 Mini Table lamp - £95
Compact and full of character. The highly practical integral switch breaks new ground without losing any of the original Anglepoise® spirit. Shop now.

Extravagant yes, but even students need a little bit of luxury in their lives - especially when it comes in the shape of an Anglepoise® desk lamp that has been reinterpreted by two of the British design industry’s biggest names. Following the success of her Type 75 Desk Lamp Yellow Ochre Edition, Margaret Howell has just launched the Type 75 Desk Lamp Saxon Blue and Seagrass Editions, while Paul Smith has dressed the same lamp in his signature style.​

Anglepoise® + Paul Smith £160 - Edition Three | Edition Two | Edition One

Anglepoise® + Margaret Howell Collection - £130 Yellow Ochre | Saxon Blue | Seagrass 


Even the most hi-tech student needs some analogue stationery. We love the colourful, graphic Nathalie Pencils from Hay (£2) and recommend that you also check out Japanese brand Muji for desk accessories from scissors and staples to page markers and pens. 

Muji Kettle and Vitra Mug 

A tidy desk may not be the sign of a tidy mind, but it will help you find your stuff when you’re late for lectures. Hay’s Organizer (varying sizes and colours at WallpaperSTORE) is designed to hold everything from your phone to your student card. 

Hay Organizer


Muji electric kettle (£59.95) is pretty sleek and holds enough water for plenty cups of coffee, plus, it was designed by Naoto Fukasawa.

Drinks and messy desks are a recipe for disaster so get yourself a travel mug. There are lots on the market, but the Vitra Love Heart mug (£10.83) is a cool favourite.

Hay Pencils and Muji Stationery 


Let’s face it, student rooms are short on style but a few kitsch cushions and some cool artwork will improve things no end. We like the Heal's Scale cushion (£40); the Lemon Face poster by Danish font foundry Playtype from Future and Found (£28) and Thames and Hudson’s new postcard collection (£17) which features 100 images from the much-acclaimed Magnum photo archive.

On the Move

Whether you’re going back to school or heading off to University, you will need a backpack that is roomy enough to hold all the day’s stuff and tough enough to outlast the course. The Fjallraven Kanken Classic Back Pack (£70) ticks all the boxes and is a Scandi design classic to boot. 

Fjallraven Kanken


Fjallraven bag -
Heals Cushion -
Playtype -
Postcards -
Muji Kettle & stationery -
Vitra Mug -
Hay Organizer -
Hay Pencils - Twentytwentyone






Charlotte Abrahams is a design writer and author. Her latest book. Hygge, A Celebration of Simple Pleasures is out on 19th October. 







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