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Light Art - How To Light Up Your Displays

Whether your home boasts shelves of vintage vases or a sideboard strewn with stones sourced from your favourite beach, the right light can turn a collection of objects into a striking display. Here are design writer Charlotte Abrahams' top five ideas:

1. Table Top Presentation 

Bring an interesting object to life by placing it front of a lamp with a flexible shade. Position the shade directly above the piece you’re lighting so the beam hits its centre and casts a pretty shadow on the wall. For maximum impact, make the lamp part of the display by choosing a style that mirrors the shape and colour of the object. Type 75™ Desk Lamp Margaret Howell Edition Yellow Ochre, from £140

Photo by @TwentyTwentyOne


2. Floor Display 

Turn a piece of furniture into a functional work of art with a well-placed floor lamp. Positioning the lamp to the side of the chair, and about a metre away from it, will bathe the whole chair in a glamorous halo of light. Original 1227™ Floor Lamp, from £260.00


3. Wall Mounted Curation

Draw attention to your carefully curated shelves with a wall mounted lamp flexible enough for to you play with shadows and highlight different objects as the mood takes you. If you want to focus on something specific, just pull the arm close towards the shelf and angle the shade towards the chosen item. Alternatively, wash the whole display with light by simply moving the arm back, stretching it to its full height and positioning the shade so that it shines from above. Original 1227™ Brass Wall Mounted Lamp, from £250.00

Photo by @aptapothecary


4. Still Life with Pendant

Create your very own installation piece with a sculptural pendant suspended low over a group of objects. Original 1227™ Midi Pendant, from £110

Photo by @iamdanielmichael


5. Spot Lit Showcase

For maximum drama – and minimal shadow – place spot lights directly above, and close to, the object they’re illuminating. Think in pairs if you have a line of objects arranged along a sideboard or cabinet top. Original 1227™ Mini Wall Light, from £90.00


Written by Charlotte Abrahams.


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