Timeless Design at Harrods - Review

When I headed to see Harrods’s London Design Festival exhibition, Timeless Design, I expected to find a smallish display. So I was pleasantly surprised to discover an extensive show distributed around the store’s various homeware departments, with cookware brands, logically enough, in the Cookshop, most furniture in the furniture department, and so on.

Timeless Design at Harrods - LDF 2015

This month, as part of Timeless Design, curated by Harrods for London Design Festival 2015, Anglepoise® is hosting a retrospective that shines a spotlight on key events from our 80-year history, with displays of lamps from different decades and rarely seen artefacts.

University Makeover - 4 Ways To Add Style To Your Room

Universities may boast state of the art gyms and air conditioned, wi-fi connected lecture theatres, but halls of residence - for all their en-suite facilities – remain largely untouched by interior design. Personalising these bare, cell-like bedrooms isn’t easy – space is tight and any interference with the physical structure of the room is strictly forbidden – but it is possible. 

Light Fantastic: 5 great ways to incorporate wall lights in your home

I downsized last year and now live in a sixties bungalow with generous windows and lots of well-thought out storage. Floor space, however, is at a premium so I have done away with lamps in favour of the wall light; an item which has, until now, been entirely absent from my life. Wall lights can be every bit as show-stealing as a pendant or a lamp. And, as the following list of top five places to use them proves, they are super-adaptable too.

Anglepoise® at ICFF 2015

To mark their commitment to the US market, Anglepoise® has established a New York office and next month will showcase highlights from their collections at ICFF, North America’s premier showcase for what’s best and what’s next in contemporary design. 

Anglepoise® at Euroluce 2015 - In Pictures

For anyone who was unable to join us in Milan when we exhibited our collections of new and classic Anglepoise® designs at Euroluce earlier this month, we are delighted to offer a pictorial tour of our stand, presented this year with a little help from our friends at uber-stylish travel and lifestyle magazine, Cereal. 

Royal Mail - 50 years of special stamps

No ordinary call of duty: to have your back licked, your front pressed, and spend the rest of your days confined to the corner (all this as the queen watches on). It’s a funny sort of tribute. Fifty years have now passed since the Royal Mail first went to print with its Special Stamps program ...

Anglepoise® at Euroluce 2015 - presented by Cereal

‘There is something peculiarly personal about working by the light of an Anglepoise®, as though the light is there for you, and you alone’, writes Charlie Lee-Potter in her delightful treatise on the Anglepoise® light in the new edition of biannual travel and style bible, Cereal.


In the grown-up, inky-blue space reserved for customer fittings in Joseph Cheaney & Sons’ new flagship store in London, hang the portraits of the founders. It’s no mere space filler. The canvasses are here for a reason. Perhaps to keep watch, or maybe just serve reminder; a clear sign of the shoemakers’ desire to give heritage a leading role as it bids to write new chapters in a history spanning over a hundred and twenty years.


When renowned Swiss furniture company, Vitra, asked if they could create a pop up display using a series of Anglepoise® lamps to enhance the furniture sets in their stylish Clerkenwell showroom, of course we said yes.


With Christmas just around the corner, you may be interested to hear that British fashion brand, Hobbs, has just launched their first ever pop-up shop in that central London mecca of chic fashion, Marylebone High Street. 


Science may trigger unwelcome school memories of frustration at failing to grasp its basic laws. But many of us still fondly remember the story of Archimedes yelling ‘Eureka!’ in his bath on discovering that the volume of his body equalled that of the water it displaced. And, as I discovered the other day, a new exhibition displaying the first drawings of 20 of the world’s most life-changing inventions (not all of them science-based) proves that science and engineering can be both enlightening and entertaining.

Christmas Gift Buying Guide - Anglepoise

Winter: dark in the morning, dark in the afternoon and on some days, never properly light at all. No wonder we reach for the fairy lights to brighten the gloom. Now I love a fairy light as much as anyone, but a Christmas light is just for Christmas, whereas a beautifully-designed lamp will last a lifetime. So in an effort to banish the winter blues, add some seasonal notes and solve your present dilemmas all in one, stylish, swoop, I have compiled a list of must-have lamps guaranteed to light up your winters ...


We’ve all seen it. Two lamps spring to life. In rolls a ball. Back and forth it goes until the smaller of the two gets a touch carried away. POP. Game over. Off slinks the humble little lamp, safe from the gaze of its disapproving senior.  


What have you always wanted in your home, but never been able to find?

This is the question Sir Terence Conran put to ten of the world’s leading designers. Their answers make up ‘The Wish List’, an exhibition of fantasy objects come to life, launched last month for London Design Week and on show at the V&A until 24 October.


For all car enthusiasts out there, here’s a little story you might like …

Once upon a time there was a walnut tree. And what a brave and beautiful tree it was, deep-rooted in the heart of England, in the grounds of Fulbeck Hall, a fine country house in Lincolnshire.