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Light Art - How To Light Up Your Displays

Whether your home boasts shelves of vintage vases or a sideboard strewn with stones sourced from your favourite beach, the right light can turn a collection of objects into a striking display. Here are design writer Charlote Abrahams' 5 picks.

The Original 1227™ User Guide - Part 2: Living Room Lighting

The living room is a place of relaxation, a room where we sit back to read, to socialise and to watch television. Ideally, our living space will be filled with natural light streaming in through generous, south-facing windows; however, for many of us, the reality is somewhat darker. But look on the bright side: dark rooms provide the perfect excuse to splash out on some absolutely fabulous lights.

Anglepoise® Christmas Gift Guide 2016 - Gifts for the design conscious

Struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift for the design aficiando in your life? Panic not; my family is riddled with people who will only give house room to the most beautiful things so I have had plenty of practice sourcing presents that are chic, elegant and fashion forward. Here are my suggestions for this festive season.

University Essentials - Back to school guide 2016

September is here, which means that students up and down the country are already thinking about what to pack in their bags for the new term. Deciding what to take and what to leave behind can be tricky, so we have compiled a list of essentials. From the best desk lamp to the ultimate back pack, these are the items that every fresher needs.

Anglepoise® Christmas Gift Guide 2015

December is upon us which means that it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your loved ones. Clearly, the presents for those you share a home with are the most important – not least because, if you’re clever, they can double as gifts for yourself too.

Autumn Inspiration - Blue is the colour

I love blue. Ranging in tone from deepest ink to coolest ice, it works across seasons and interior styles and what’s more, it is at its best in the northern hemisphere where the colder light actually enhances the blue pigment. 

University Makeover - 4 Ways To Add Style To Your Room

Universities may boast state of the art gyms and air conditioned, wi-fi connected lecture theatres, but halls of residence - for all their en-suite facilities – remain largely untouched by interior design. Personalising these bare, cell-like bedrooms isn’t easy – space is tight and any interference with the physical structure of the room is strictly forbidden – but it is possible. 

Light Fantastic: 5 great ways to incorporate wall lights in your home

I downsized last year and now live in a sixties bungalow with generous windows and lots of well-thought out storage. Floor space, however, is at a premium so I have done away with lamps in favour of the wall light; an item which has, until now, been entirely absent from my life. Wall lights can be every bit as show-stealing as a pendant or a lamp. And, as the following list of top five places to use them proves, they are super-adaptable too.