Anglepoise + Centre Point

Anglepoise® + Centre Point

From left to right: Central Link / Urban Meadow / Private Views Editions

"The repetitive, geometric, monochromatic patterns represent Centre Point’s iconic Sixties architecture" - Mark Eley, Eley Kishimoto.

To celebrate the revival of Centre Point, one of London’s most recognised landmarks, Anglepoise® is delighted to reveal a series of striking new editions of the Original 1227™ desk lamp. Embellished with exclusive Eley Kishimoto print designs inspired by the Centre Point façade, the ergonomic simplicity of the iconic Anglepoise® design reflects the building’s architectural majesty. 


Private Views Edition
Private Views is inspired by reflections created when bright sunlight hits the Centre Point tower; each windowpane becomes a canvas for spectacular views of London far and wide. 


Central Link Edition

The Central Link pattern draws inspiration from the building’s geographic and symbolic position at the epicentre of central London. 


Urban Meadow Edition
Urban Meadow is inspired by the complex geometric shadows that form at twilight on the Centre Point building’s remarkable honeycomb façade. 

About Centre Point

Described variously as ‘London’s first Pop Art building’ and a ‘beehive hairdo of a tower’ with ‘an elegance worthy of a Wren steeple’, since its debut in the 1960s Centre Point had divided opinions, making it one of the most talked-about buildings in London.
As part of its redevelopment, London property developer Almacantar has commissioned a series of patterns by renowned British print designer, Eley Kishimoto. Printed in monochromatic shades of black, white and grey, the geometry of the patterns reflects the way shadow and sunlight fall on the Centre Point building and emphasise its powerful sixties aesthetic. Three of these patterns - ‘Private Views’, ‘Urban Meadow’ and ‘Central Link’ –have been selected for this landmark collaboration with Anglepoise®. Londoners who have recently passed by the building may identify ‘Private View’ as the spectacular wrap that envelopes the 385ft Centre Point tower whilst works proceed. 
About Eley Kishimoto

Founded by Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto in 1992, Eley Kishmoto gained a reputation for incisive and intelligent print design, initially through their work with Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Alber Elbaz and Jil Sander and later via their eponymous collections and a series of design collaborations across diverse disciplines. Living by the maxim ‘Print The World,’ Eley Kishimoto has always strived to create work that is executed simply, clear in intention, exhibiting a unique creative flair that rejects passing trends and fads.