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Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

As it’s Mental Health Awareness week (10 - 16 May)  we want to share how we as a business have adopted better ways to help our team manage their mental wellbeing in a truly challenging year. This year’s awareness week is themed around Nature because research has found that more than half us feel that being close to nature improves our mental health.

“I think that’s due to us being more 'in the moment' after everything that has happened in the last year. We are appreciating our surroundings more and nature helps us gain some much needed perspective in our daily lives" says MD John Purnell.

In our own annual wellbeing survey, 87% of us felt we had experienced stress, low mood or mental health problems at some point in our lives. “This is very common, and especially over the last year I think we’ve all felt personally, and seen our loved ones, struggle with aspects of our mental health during these challenging times, but the good news is there are things we can do to support ourselves and others to improve our overall wellbeing. We are encouraging our team to think about those daily habits and routines that can support our mental (physical and social) health (and which ones don’t) and consider how we might start to build in more opportunities to connect with nature in a way that feels right for each one of us."

We will also be holding our usual 'Tea & Talk' – in the office for those able to do so safely and online for everyone else – so that we can gather and chat, or just listen. Even as a small business, we prioritise team wellbeing and try to embed an ethos of good mental health awareness. We have recently invested in the MHFA training programme and now have a group of Mental Health First Aiders (we call them Ambassadors), who are there to support or signpost help, if it is needed.

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