Type 75 Mini Desk Lamp LED

From £132.00 (Inc VAT)

We designed the Type75™ Mini LED with touch sensitive dimmer especially with small spaces in mind. As a scaled-down version of the energy saving Type75™ LED, it offers all the functionality of the larger lamp, presented in a more compact and colourful form.

Colour Gallery

- Designed by Sir Kenneth Grange
- Aluminium shade
- Aluminium arms and metal joints
- Stainless steel fittings
- Cast iron base with aluminium cover
- Anglepoise® constant tension spring technology

 <a data-cke-saved-href="https://www.anglepoise.com/files/download/9165b091f618fb8" href="https://www.anglepoise.com/files/download/9165b091f618fb8" 'helvetica="" neue',="" helvetica,="" arial,="" sans-serif;="" font-size:="" 13px;="" color:="" rgb(56,="" 167,="" 230);="" text-decoration:="" none;="" -webkit-transition:="" all="" 200ms="" linear;="" transition:="" line-height:="" 13.5px;"="">type75_miniled_technical_sheet_v1.1_.pdf