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Tiisch Cafe

Anglepoise Type 75 Mini at Tiisch Cafe

Project: Tiisch Cafe, Perth, Australia

Interior Design: State28 Interiors

Photos: Alana Blowfield

Located on the corner of Hay Street and Milligan Street, Tiisch, translates to ‘table’ in German. The value of a shared table encompasses the spirit and foundation of the café. With a focus on beautiful café dining and stand out coffee and tea, Tiisch’s goal is to introduce a community spirit into the CBD through the use of local suppliers and collectives. The design directive was to utilise this foundation and create a space that evokes the feeling of light and the outdoors where you can feel the regenerative effect of the interior combined with the thoughtfully curated menu.

Entering the space you’re welcomed by the delicious mint herringbone tile counter and the volume of the building opens up to greet you. To the right is the dining area, which is anchored by oak timber tables and warm banquette seating that runs the length of the wall. The use of natural timbers and materials reinforces the design directive.

Anglepoise Type 75 Mini at Tiisch Cafe

White ceilings and walls create a crisp, fresh background to allow the cascading greenery to pop within the space. This, in combination with the sea foam and grey palette, creates a calculated contrast to the matte black finishes visible through the café.

One of notable components of the space is the black Type 75™ Mini Anglepoise Lamps, which are wall mounted above the banquette seating. This quintessential bracket design is a timeless and classic addition to the café and provides a sturdy and multipurpose lighting option for all users within the interior. The lamps sit effortlessly and naturally balanced on the wall amongst the greenery.

Anglepoise Type 75 Mini at Tiisch Cafe

The plush, soft furnishings enhance the idea of a comfortable oasis intended in the design. The textures of these are enriched due to the flow of natural light from the oversized heritage windows that look onto the streetscape.

Tiisch takes you in and nourishes you, both in feeling and food.