The Craftman's Cottage - Anglepoise Projects

The Craftsman's Cottage

Project: The Craftman's Cottage, Wiltshire, UK

Design: Amanda Bannister

Photos: Roy Riley

Created by media lawyer/craftsperson Amanda Bannister, the Craftsman’s Cottage is a luxury holiday home which immerses the guest in fine British craft sourced across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Here the 17th century carved oak coffer and mid-century Ercol sideboard sit comfortably alongside the 18th century delicately painted landscape painting, further enhanced by the David Mellor tableware, Yorkshire wool curtains and the series of Anglepoise® lamps that feature throughout this remarkable interior. In selecting lamps for the rooms, Amanda chose to showcase both classic and contemporary Anglepoise® designs. Original 1227™ floor lamps designed in the 1930s stand proud in both living room and snug and a pair of Original 1227™ Brass Wall Mounted lamps provide focused light in both the master bedroom and annex, while Type 75™ desk lamps designed eight decades later and featured here in new Margaret Howell custom colours grace both double and twin bedrooms. 

Anglepoise Original 1227 Floor Lamp

Original 1227 Brass Wall Mounted Lamps

Anglepoise Original 1227 Floor Lamp

Anglepoise Type 75 Margaret Howell Lamp