R:Chord Shiki Park Front


PROJECT: R:Chord Shiki Park Front, Saitama, Japan

INTERIOR DESIGN: Naoya Fujii Design 


R:Chord Shiki Park Front was designed as a show apartment for a new R:Chord condominium in Saitama prefecture. Suggest Co., Ltd., appointed to coordinate planning and sales of the project, is a company known for its unique, groundbreaking approach. So rather than creating yet another anonymous, “luxurious”, “upmarket” condominium apartment, it was decided the interior should reflect a new sense of values, combining individual style with contemporary trends.

Architect, Naoya Fujii was appointed to source all the furnishings, from furniture and lighting, to interior accessories and displays. Feature lighting was introduced into the open plan living and kitchen-dining room, to create a visual division between the distinct spaces. Two striking Giant1227™ Pendants delineate the dining area, the rough-looking zinc tabletop creating an informal, cafe-like atmosphere. In the living space, a glass-fibre "Vertigo" pendant lamp introduces a feeling of intimacy whilst focused lighting is provided in the corner of room by a Duo1227™ Floor Lamp.