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Talo Luck

PROJECT: Talo Luck

ARCHITECT:  Jarkko Könönen / Sinikone Oy

INTERIOR DESIGN: Heidi and Geoff Luck

Talo Luck is a family home, located in a new residential area on the shore of Lake Jyväsjärvi, Central Finland, built as part of the 2014 Finnish Housing Fair. Constructed in an atrium style, with a small, enclosed garden, the house creates a private haven for the owners. From outside Talo Luck assumes a monolithic form, with a smooth dark exterior and few external windows. Once inside expansive windows overlooking the central atrium bathe the interior in natural and reflected light. Extensive terraces, a separate building with sauna and hot tub, and several fireplaces provide plenty of opportunities for entertainment and relaxation. A Citrus Yellow Giant1227™ floor lamp dominates the sauna building interior, introducing a vivid splash of colour against the bright white surround.