Joseph Cheaney Flagship Store - Anglepoise Projects



RETAIL CONCEPT: Checkland Kindleysides 


With its worldwide reputation for high quality British artistry and craftsmanship, Jermyn Street was the ideal location for traditional English shoemaker, Joseph Cheaney and Sons’ new flagship store. Concept designers, Checkland Kindleysides, used Joseph Cheaney’s Northamptonshire base as inspiration for an interior that feels wholly contemporary, whilst emphasising the heritage and handcraft of traditional English shoemaking. The bright white front area of the store, where the shoe collection is displayed, echoes the Joseph Cheaney factory and the hand-making process. In striking contrast, the inky blue boardroom-style rear space where customers are served is decorated with portraits of the founders, underscoring the company’s heritage. A series of Jasmine White Anglepoise® Type75™ lamps are incorporated into the window and interior displays; subtle reference to the task lighting required during the hand-making process. Dominating the central space is a long feature table where a 1:100 scale model of the Northamptonshire factory and presentation of the shoemaking process and displayed. Throughout this stylish and luxurious interior, contemporary materials are combined with handcrafted traditional pieces, further emphasising Joseph Cheaney’s identity as a progressive brand with traditional values, steeped in heritage. 

Says Joe Evans, Checkland Kindleysides Creative Director:

The Anglepoise® is an icon of British product design that symbolises excellence in craft and engineering; just like the Joseph Cheaney brand and what it stands for, timeless, craftsmanship, and quality. The focus that the Anglepoise®  lamps create in the window display is synonymous with their use as work lamps; as the shoemaker focuses on the attention to detail as he works at his bench creating a pair of Cheaney shoes.