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Ropponmatsu Tsutaya Books

Project: Ropponmatsu Tsutaya Books, Fukuoka City, Japan

Interior Design: Culture Convenience Club Company, Limited

Opened September 2017, Tsutaya Books is central to the retail offer at Ropponmatsu 421, a brand new 6-storey building sited on a former Kyushu University campus, home to the new Fukuoka City Science Museum. Boasting 180,000 publications, an integrated 200 seater Starbucks café, an ever-changing tableau of artist exhibitions and an events space, Tsutaya Books promises to be both a popular destination shop and a regular stop-off for the 3.6 million annual visitors to the museum. In addition to a remarkable selection of books displayed in the store, customers can browse Tsutaya’s tempting array of vinyl, stationery goods, eyewear and fashion; also items for the home including dried flowers and antiques. With so much see and plenty of comfortable seating areas for reflection and relaxation, (see for example the space illustrated which is illuminated by a series of Original 1227™ brass pendant lights) Tsutaya Books promises to be a popular place to shop, meet friends, and simply pass the time of day.