Google Digital Garage - Anglepoise Projects

Google Digital Garage

Creative Design: Dalziel & Pow in partnership with experiential agency WRG

Google Digital Garage opened their third outpost in Manchester in 2017, part of an initiative to help thousands of people improve their digital skills for free. All-inclusive services offered range from beginner to intermediate levels, aimed both at people who have little or no confidence with digital skills and professions wishing to use digital knowhow to grow their career prospects. To mirror this message, the designers have created a modular framework design incorporating warm and welcoming spaces that can accommodate any combination of one-on-one conversations and small workshops. Transparent sliding screens replace traditional physical barriers to allow a sense of privacy while retaining the store’s open atmosphere. Pegboards display large-scale graphics inspired by the store’s locality, ensuring the Garage feel relevant to all, approachable and fun. A series of Anglepoise® Type 75™ wall lights are installed on white painted columns and perimeter walls, directing discrete focused light onto seating areas.