Huckletree West - Anglepoise Projects

Huckletree West

Project: Huckletree West, London

Interior Design: Studio RHE

Photos: Alex Zaj

With three sites already thriving in London and another in Dublin, founder Gabriela Hersham set her sights on West London, an area that had somehow missed out on the co-working revolution. Based in the former BBC Media Centre, Huckletree West caters to digital lifestyle startups, creatives and entrepreneurs in an environment designed to maximize productivity and inspire innovation. Individuals, startups and larger businesses are catered for in private studios, open plan resident desks and roaming shared workspace where a series of Type 1228 ™ desk lights in custom colour Daffodil Yellow stand in marked contrast to Huckletree’s signature black and white stripes. Recognising the need for collaboration and down time, no less than 40% of Huckletree West is dedicated to breakout space. Its meditation yurt for example is strictly a no-tech zone, and features low lighting and an abundance of plants to create an area of calm.