Leo Burnett Moscow

Leo Burnett Moscow

PROJECT: Leo Burnett, Moscow​

Architects: Nefa Architects 

Photographer: Alexey Knyazev

Drawing on modern art galleries as their inspiration, Nefa Architects set about creating a dynamic space that would reflect the agency’s roots in 1930’s Chicago and evolve over time. A giant pair of upscaled glasses shaped like those worn by the agency’s eponymous founder were integrated within the interior, serving both as the core expressive feature and the solution that organizes the space. Continuing the upscaled theme, two bright red Giant1227™ floor lamps and a series of Giant1227™ pendants in black and red stand pick up on occasional flashes of red which stand in striking contrast to the largely monochrome interior.

Says Dmitry Ovcharov, Chief Architect, “The interior may or may not get some additional drawings or slogans or a new color in the future. That is the idea. The environment may change, but what will always be maintained is the core expressive substance, which is self-sufficient and makes the space complete.”