Marketing Suite - Chiswick Park - Anglepoise Projects

Marketing Suite - Chiswick Park

Anglepoise Margaret Howell in Chiswick

Design & Build: ThirdWay Interiors
Interiors: Tribe Furniture 
Photos: Tom Fallon

This multi-functional Marketing Suite occupies a spacious 6500 sq ft space, zoned to incorporate multi media conference rooms, high level hot desk benches, team presentation areas and focused workspaces.

Working in tandem with ThirdWay Interiors who were responsible for the fit out, the diversity of Tribe’s portfolio of office furnishing solutions is showcased to great effect. A series of Margaret Howell Yellow Ochre Edition Type 75™ desk lights provide focused light at the workspaces, their Yellow Ochre colour both contrasting with and enhancing the raw, industrial interior. The introduction of mid-century furniture and accessories and fabrics such as velvet and leather add a further touch of refinement while a bright red Original 1227™ Giant floor lamp adds drama.