Mesh Club - Anglepoise Projects

Mesh Club

Architectural Lighting: Smith Tait

Photos: Graham Wylie

This super-stylish members’ club and co-working space – Africa’s first - has recently opened its doors to young creatives and established businesspeople in Johannesburg.

To support productivity, enhance social interaction and maximise potential of the interior spaces, flexible, human-centric lighting design was of prime consideration. Responding creatively, architectural lighting design company Smith Tait has installed a finely tuned linear white lighting scheme, programmed to change as the day progresses. The multi-purpose spaces seamlessly transition from daytime task to ambient evening conditions, encouraging a healthy work-life balance. The addition of louvred spotlights accentuates interior textural and colour contrast and draw attention to the club’s extensive art collection, while a series of strategically placed Anglepoise® Original 1227™ desk and wall mounted lamps further emphasise contrasting textures, patterns and materials and provide task light in hot desking areas and office suites.