Seeds Workshop

Seeds Workshop

PROJECT: Seeds Workshop, Central London

INTERIOR DESIGN: Samuel Wilkinson Studio

Samuel Wilkinson Studio has designed a central London space to house a new business incubator, established to help young entrepreneurs develop core business skills. Six entrepreneurs (seeds) would be selected to engage in a six-month programme involving mentoring and workshops. Each would have a distinct workspace, but the area should be designed to encourage open collaboration.

"It was an interesting commission because the use of the space was quite prescribed," says Wilkinson. "The aim was to retain an industrial quality with honest materials … To soften the space we used a wax coating on the wooden elements … when the carpets were removed we really liked the texture of the glue pattern on the concrete, so it was just given a simple polish."

Three birch-based plywood double desk spaces, with rounded ends to provide informal meeting space, are enhanced with magnetic whiteboards, cantilevered shelves and notice boards for privacy. An Anglepoise® Type75™ desk lamp individually lights each workspace, its jet-black colour providing striking contrast against the wood. Magnetic leaves, used for pinning up notes and inspiration images provide a characterful finishing touch, reinforcing the theme of growth and development.

Photo Credits: Sylvain Deleu