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Waters Informatics

Project: Waters Informatics, Brasov Romania

Interior Architecture & Design: Smith Brothers

Photos: Helen Hampson-Smith

Founded in 1958, Waters is a leader in the manufacture of analytical instruments for Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectometry. The company is in a dynamic period of growth and their Romanian site, the global hub for software development needed to expand, prompting the move to a new facility. The brief was to create harmonious, efficient, adaptable space that could accommodate the flexible team configurations required. Smith Brothers responded by developing a tailor-made solution for Waters unique way of working. Sound, light, texture and colour were identified as prime considerations in the design process. So, bespoke acoustic solutions were introduced, allowing flexible team clusters to operate within the largely open plan office structure while natural light was employed both to enhance the workplace and create visual differentiation between spaces. Texture and bold accents of colour were then overlaid to enliven the neutral interior shell with the addition of furniture, wall and ceiling treatments and three strategically placed Original 1227™ Giant floor lamps in Citrus Yellow. The result is a wholly modern, flexible and aspirational work environment able to attract the brightest new recruits of the future.