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PROJECT: Werkstatt London


Says MCM Design Director, Sean Hatcher, “The Werkstatt was designed and created to be a show-case, not a ‘show-room’ for the STO Group. Its purpose was to create a space in which the world’s leading creative designers, in the heart of London, could interact, communicate and collaborate. The Werkstatt is a platform STO wished to create to showcase designers’ work and their thinking.

The STO Group has been associated with and has supported high design across all countries and cultures throughout its lifetime. The Anglepoise® Original1227™ lamp is part of this ethos and love for the very best of design. Not only a timeless design classic, it remains relevant to the modern workplace and, importantly, is the best of British. The Anglepoise® lamp sits well within a design focused environment and helps, subliminally, to underpin the vision that created the Werkstatt”