Anglepoise Collaborations


Collaborations, limited and special edition products can be found here, including Paul Smith and Margaret Howell's stunning interpretations of the Anglepoise® Type 75™ Desk Lamp.

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After years of designing some of the most iconic British lighting designs and solutions based on a pioneering perfect balance mechanism, Anglepoise® has proved to be the canvas of choice and has recently enticed some of fashion’s leading names to collaborate.

Created by leading British industrial product designer, Sir Kenneth Grange, the timeless Type 75™ design provides the perfect canvas for two recent collaborations with famous British fashion designers Margaret Howell and Paul Smith.

The lamp's streamlined, modernist form was perfect for Paul Smith's palette, and its no-frills, mechanical functionality is highlighted by the designer's playful colour-by-component approach. Margaret Howell's interpretation is based on her admiration of the product's similar design qualities that are behind her clothing: simplicity, functionality, authenticity and timelessness. She uses unique colours that would act as accent colours and sit well in both a domestic and working interiors.

Designing an icon

The Anglepoise® design was in a theoretical concept invented by automotive suspension designer, George Carwardine. It evolved from an ingenious engineering concept, created in the early 30’s and through his experimentation, Carwardine had chanced upon the means to create an articulated task lamp that could combine ultimate flexibility with perfect balance. What Carwardine had invented was the blueprint for an Anglepoise®. The precision and delicacy of movement afforded by Carwardine’s unique sprung mechanism would change the face of task lighting for ever.

Naturally Carwardine turned to world-class spring makers, Herbert Terry and Sons, to manufacture his design. In 1932, a patent was acquired. Anglepoise® was registered and, under licence to Terry’s, the first Anglepoise® lamp was launched.

In 1996 Sir Kenneth Grange named the Anglepoise® his favourite object, calling it “a minor miracle of balance”. Recently knighted for services to design, with a string of prestigious awards to his name, esteemed British industrial product designer Grange has been at the forefront of Anglepoise® design development since 2003. Grange’s vision, combined with a sensitivity of touch, has helped develop the Anglepoise® aesthetic for the 21st Century.

In a career that spans more than 60 years, Grange has been responsible for some of Britain’s most iconic and successful designs, including the Kodak Instamatic, the Intercity 125 train, the updated London taxi and, not least, the Anglepoise®.

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