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Repair Service for Model 90 (1973-1985)

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For those of you concerned with electrical safety. This is a Repair Service for an Anglepoise Model 90 product. Manufactured between 1973-1985. It includes a personal service that will rewire your product, ensuring its safety and many more years of faithful service.


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Please note that this is a Repair Service and not a Rewire Service. Please allow 4 weeks for this custom service.

What is included in this Service:

· Lamp Collected by courier
· Initial safety inspection
· Removal of old wiring , plug and components ( as required )
· Rewiring with new braided cable
· New plug fitted
· New bulb holder fitted ( as required ) and New LED bulb supplied
· New switch fitted ( note an alternative to the original may be used)
· Mechanical non painted parts replaced as necessary (screws , washers , spacers etc)
· Base pad replaced ( if required )
· Lamp cleaned
· Lamp Electrically safety tested
· Lamp Returned by courier


What is excluded from this Service:

· Replacement of painted parts , (e.g. shade , arms, base )
· Refinishing / repairing of corroded or chipped paintwork
· Removal of any dents or scratches
· Renovation of existing electrical components
· Too many mechanical parts need replacing (this is a repair service not a restoration service)
· Type C desk lamps

Please note that this is a service for genuine Anglepoise customers reflecting our lifetime commitment to service. We have costed it as such and do not make a profit from this service.

Once you have ordered the service you will be asked for details and photographs of your product to ensure its eligibility. If it looks like we will be unable to meet your expectations, as the product may be in too bad a state to rewire. We will refund you the money. 

If you are unsure whether your product is the right one for this service then please take a look at the product dating guide to assist you here

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