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Sir Kenneth Grange


Sir Kenneth Grange Anglepoise sketch.

"He’s the classically styled godfather of British modernism, renowned for designing some of the most iconic industrial products of the past 50 years." - Alyn Griffiths and Sam Rogers for on Sir Kenneth Grange winning a 2016 London Design Medal. 

Design Director of Anglepoise® since 2003, Sir Kenneth Grange began his illustrious career as a technical illustrator whilst in National Service. He subsequently made his reputation as an industrial product designer and in association with four partners founded Pentagram, now an international design practice with offices in USA, Germany and London.

Grange’s remarkable work spans half a century and his user-centered, often quintessentially British designs have helped shape the parameters of everyday life for so many. Not only everyday household brands like Kenwood, Parker, Kodak - and of course Anglepoise® - have received the Kenneth Grange treatment but also the InterCity 125 train, the regional Royal Mail postbox and the latest London BlackTaxi.

Sir Kenneth Grange Designs.

Accolades for Grange’s influence as a foremost British product designer have naturally followed. Twice winner of the Prince Philip Designers Prize with a string of Design Council Awards to his name, Grange is a Royal Designer for Industry, Gold Medalist of the Chartered Society of Designers, holds six Honorary Doctorates including at the Royal College of Art where he is visiting professor and an FX Lifetime Achievement Award. In 1983 the Victoria & Albert Museum staged a one-man show of his work. Grange was similarly honored in Tokyo in 1989 and again at the Design Museum ‘Making Britain Modern’ exhibition in London in 2011. In 1984 Grange was appointed CBE and in 2013 he received a knighthood for services to design.



Sir Kenneth Grange For Anglepoise®

Having previously identified the Anglepoise® as his favourite design and a ‘minor miracle of balance’, Sir Kenneth Grange became Design Director of Anglepoise® in 2003. His first Anglepoise® design was the Type 3 desk lamp, which launched in 2003.

Above, from left to right:

2003 - Type 3™ (Not in production)
2004 - Type 75™
2004 - Type 1228™
2004 - Type C™

Below, from left to right:

2011 - Type 75™ Mini
2014 - Type 75™ Maxi


More Designs By Sir Kenneth Grange

Below is a collection of some of Sir Kenneth Grange's other designs from his career for companies such as Kenwood, Modus, Kodak and Royal Mail.

Sir Kenneth Grange for Modus.
April by Sir Kenneth Grange & Jack Smith for Modus. 2014.


UK Parking Meter for Vener. 1958.

UK  Pillar Box. 1996.

Reuters Computer. 1973.

Intercity. 2011

Kenwood Chefette Prototype. 1987.

Thank you to Modus for the image of the April sofa and thanks to Sir Kenneth Grange for providing all other images.