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A tool for focus

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Our famous task light is an essential tool for focus –

Whether you’re creating an artistic masterpiece, tinkering in the shed, reading or studying. And as you can see from these real-life spaces belonging to makers, do-ers and dreamers, there’s no limit to what you can do when an Anglepoise is around.

Clay all day

There are few workspaces more inspiring than the sunny Somerset studio of ceramics artist George Bronwin. And when the sun goes in, his Original 1227 pendant and Original 1227 floor lamp help keep the potter’s wheel turning.

[Image @georgebrowninpottery]

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Potty about Anglepoise

Kate Semple is another gifted ceramist who swears by the light of an Anglepoise (in fact, we counted 6 Type 75’s in her gorgeous York townhouse). It just goes to show that when you have an Anglepoise in your corner, creative inspiration is never far away.
[Image @katesemple]
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Perfectly drawn

If you need an illustration of just how useful an Anglepoise is, ask Rob Wilson. The New York-based illustrator creates his endlessly imaginative drawings with the help of a very reliable colleague – his Original 1227 mini table lamp in Linen White. What would you draw under its glow?
If your hobby is reading, creating a calm corner like this one from @sb.2010 will allow you to keep turning the pages well into the night. (Of course, we all know that the Anglepoise is the main character in this story.)
‘There’s nothing better than the directional light of an Anglepoise when you’re doing a delicate craft like sewing or tapestry.’ Says Jodie, a textiles designer from Nottingham. Her Anglepoise x National Trust floor lamp in Buttermilk Yellow looks beautiful and ensures she never drops a stitch.
[Image @sb.2010]
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Study period

Struggling to concentrate on your studies? Add some retro style to your revision. Anglepoise Original 1227 lamps bring sleek, industrial chic to a desk, like in this room at the Student Hotel. When student accommodation is as stylish as this, a degree of focus is bound to follow.
Some days it’s hard to focus when you’re working from home. So many distractions, deliveries, domestic chores… but when you have a beautiful desk with a Paul Smith Edition 3 on it like @home.go.home, you’ll be so glad to get to work, you’ll be up for a promotion in no time.
When you’re making and listening to music, you need space to play. Which is why an Anglepoise mounted on a wall bracket is a great idea for a corner dedicated to sound. Simply make a cup of tea, put a record on, and let the inspiration flow.
[Image @home.go.home]
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