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Anglepoise at New Designers 2022

Anglepoise always supports emerging talent, so we were delighted to attend this year’s New Designers judging day (July 6th) and spend time with the future leading lights of British design.

The event, which takes place in London over two weeks, is a chance for new designers to showcase their work and get positive feedback from industry experts.

And this year, our team of judges – Technical Director Adam Wade, Product Designer Lewis Small, Head of Marketing and Communications Tajinder Leonard, Customer Experience Manager Ed Lanwarne and Managing Director Simon Terry – were dazzled by their professionalism and confidence.

Our Abandon Darkness

Award Winner

We’d like to say congratulations to Thomas Coe-Gunnell White, who won the coveted Anglepoise Abandon Darkness Award for his exhibit ‘Things’, which tackled the issue of electronic waste by celebrating the possibilities of repair in a playful and ingenious way.

Inspired by legendary German designer Dieter Rams, Thomas designed a toaster with components separated into simple ‘plug and play’ modules that could easily be replaced by the user. He also added a series of imaginative options to upgrade the outer casing, so that the product could be transformed aesthetically and loved forever.


Love Tags

But the talent didn’t stop there. The judges also awarded other clever ideas with our ‘Love Tag’ bookmarks. They included a repairable steam iron by Oscar Oweson, a teapot for the blind created by Joe Samuels, an exploration into wool (Amber Thompson), recycled roof tiles (Angela Piazza), a lifesaving jacket (Ewan Morrell), a modern community outdoor centre design by Leyla Arslantatar and a toilet designed to filter compost by Archie Read.

It was great to see not only an impressive level of skill from these young designers – but a real commitment to creating useful objects that minimise waste and obsolescence. We can’t wait to see what they all do next.

Extra talented

Northumbria University

We recently asked final year students studying 3D Design at Northumbria University to look at our iconic brand from a new angle – by adding something new to our original designs.

This live project, coordinated by our Technical Director Adam Wade, tasked students with creating an ‘Anglepoise Plus’ sub-brand, and designing a functional extra for one of our iconic lamps.

Drawing on the vision and values of Anglepoise, this was a chance for them to deliver something clever and useful to enhance our product range. One of our favourite designs was by Sarah El Baker, who produced a brilliant headphone stand which works autonomously beside the lamp. Something tells us we’ll be hearing a lot more of her in the future.


Chaired by Riya Patel

Anglepoise’s Lifetime Guarantee is one step towards achieving higher levels of sustainability and making sure that design can be enjoyed for generations. But what does it mean to be truly sustainable?

That was the question put to our Managing Director Simon Terry, who joined Bisley’s Creative Director Jeanine Goddard and Materials Scientist and Engineer Mark Miodownik on the panel at the New Designers Week event in London.

This lively discussion focused on encouraging designers to consider how new design can be sustainable, and how small changes can be made for the greater good.

The panel brought their individual approaches to the table – from building sustainability into the product and offering repair and lifetime guarantees, to the use of recycled materials and inspiring consumers to make choices that minimise waste.