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The new Three-Piece Anglepoise + Paul Smith Edition Four

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In his latest collaboration with Anglepoise, designer Paul Smith revisits a unique patchwork colour scheme previously created for a unique version of the Land Rover Defender. The palette now becomes the inspiration for another classic British design, the Type 75™ lighting collection created for Anglepoise by renowned British industrial product designer, Sir Kenneth Grange.

Anglepoise + Paul Smith Edition Four will be available from September 2019. 

Edition One, Two and Three of the collaboration are available now, click here to read more..

Paul’s original 27-colour palette alluded to the Defender’s past as a multi-purpose utilitarian workhorse, with reference to its use on the farmyard and in the emergency services. In his Edition Four palette Anglepoise British countryside colours dominate: deep, earthy burgundy, leaden grey, sky blue, dappled green and rich clay. Just a dash of fluorescent yellow adds that element of surprise we have come to expect from a designer renowned for his mastery of colour. When applied to the highly functional yet streamlined Type 75™ lamp design the palette appears tailor-made.

Anglepoise + Paul Smith Edition Four comprises a Type 75™ desk lamp in standard and Mini sizes, also a Type 75™ floor lamp, which is included for the first time in the Anglepoise and Paul Smith collection. All the new lamps will be available at www.anglepoise.com and at selected retailers worldwide from early September.

Photographs shot on location at Paul Smith King’s Cross

All furniture & accessories, Paul Smith

Photos: Jake Curtis

Styling: Despina Curtis