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Wall to wall: Anglepoise extends Type 80 wall lights

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We’ve added two new wall lights to the Sir Kenneth Grange designed Type 80 range. Available in Matt Black and Grey Mist we have the Type 80 W2, which has a short arm (max horizontal reach 25cm, max vertical reach 20cm) and angular articulation at the neck of the lamp and the base. It is ideal for reading lights and mood lighting and makes a great bedside lamp to boot. The W2 is available to buy now.

In June we will also have the much anticipated Type 80 W3, featuring a dramatic long arm (max reach 75cm horizontal, 70cm vertical) and three different joints connecting it together, allowing for precise angular articulation of the warm pool of light. It can be used in all rooms of the house but is an excellent choice for expansive spaces, lighting hallways and kitchens in particular, as well as large open plan rooms.

The Type 80 wall lights offer the now classic ‘halo’ light-escape in the shade, creating an extra dimension  and ambience in low light environments or in any space where flexible lighting is a must.

To pre order the W3, please call us on +44 (0)1227 538 038 or contact us via the ‘support’ button on our website. Stock expected in June 2021.