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Plug In Wall Lights

We discovered that customers often struggled to know how to wire in wall lights, that required chasing in a cable into the wall with an electrician. If you wanted to move them or change the position of your bed for example they may no longer be in the right place. So, we came up with the idea of adding cables and plugs so that our plug in wall lights could be easily positioned with a couple of screws into the wall and then plugged into a standard socket. Flexible and convenient and also perfect for people living in rented accommodation where you can only make limited changes to the interior.


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Why do these make excellent reading lights?

These also make excellent reading lights for a living room. By mounting them to the wall they can be very space saving, ensuring a table is clutter free, and can be positioned higher providing a beam of light over your shoulder. The perfect position for a light source while reading a book for example.

How flexible is this range of products?

These products come in a range of colour and styles to suit a range of different bedrooms and interior styles. Including switches either on top of the shade or inline in the cable and plug set provided. All easily installed without the need for an electrician.

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