Bodega La Puntual - Anglepoise Projects

Bodega La Puntual

Project: Bodega La Puntual, Barcelona

Architect: Pedro Scattarella, DA2-Arquitectura

Photos: Pedro Scattarella

Design Year : 2015

Conveniently located next to Barcelona’s Picasso Museum, Bodega La Puntual effectively recreates the atmosphere of the traditional Spanish Bodegas. Taking full advantage of the dramatic potential of the lofty, double height restaurant space, architect Pedro Scattarella of DA2-arqutectura has created an atmospheric interior that echoes the past, yet feels relevant and contemporary. Multiple Giant 1227™ pendants in Pebble White and Warm Beige dominate the main dining hall, their oversized proportion giving a new twist to the classic Bodega-style interior. In the bar, a series of Original 1227™ Brass pendants and ceiling mounted wall lamps create an intimate environment and Type 75™ wall mounted lamps provide focused lighting in the restaurant charcuterie where tempting platters are prepared for the diners.