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Ceiling Lights

Our adjustable ceiling lights are focused for task efficiency, whilst our pendant lights disperse light more generally and add visual impact to an interior space. Consider a combination of the two for multi-task spaces.

Product Range

Ceiling lights

Here at Anglepoise®, we have had eight decades to perfect the now iconic form and function of our products; valuable experience that has allowed us to craft a truly exceptional range of ceiling lights. The essence of many of our well known historic designs permeates through our current ranges. This can be seen especially clearly in the design of the Original 1227™ Brass Pendant ceiling light, which elegantly reflects the original, classic Anglepoise® lamp design.

An iconic look and superb performance, refined over years

Our dedication to excellence spans over 80 years, since the Anglepoise® brand was first established in 1934. Over the intervening years we have carefully analysed and fine tuned the original Anglepoise® desk lamp design to ensure that all our more contemporary designs not only reflect the style, durability and practicality expected of an Anglepoise® lamp; but that they also incorporate essential modern features to maintain their relevance today.

Though they naturally don’t require the classic constant spring mechanism, our ceiling lights retain the iconic Anglepoise® shade, form, making them instantly recognisable as authentic products with a rich design heritage.

Durable, practical and easy-to-use

The uncomplicated design of Anglepoise® ceiling lamps makes them incredibly easy to use, To choose the design that will best suit your purpose, consider colour, size and also function. 

The smallest ceiling lights that we offer, the Duo™ Pendant and Original 1227 ™ Brass Pendant, are both ideally suited for use as spot lights, perfect for highlighting particular elements or items in the room in which they’ve been installed. Try using a cluster of two or three together for added drama.

The largest Anglepoise® ceiling light is the aptly named Giant 1227™ Pendant ceiling light, which comes in a range of ten different colours, grouped into three distinct categories, each of which suits a particular theme or interior design style: Classic, Tranquil or Vivid. As is no doubt apparent from the larger size, Giant 1227™ Pendant ceiling lights are best suited to lighting larger areas of a room, making them ideal for suspending over large worktop spaces in kitchens, for example falling between the small and Giant pendants are the Maxi ceiling lights; namely the Duo™ Maxi Pendant, the Original 1227™ Brass Maxi Pendant and the Type 75™ Maxi Pendant. Whether used individually or as a group, these pendant ceiling lightsare ideal for illuminating targeted areas of a specific room or feature, such as a seating or dining area,or perhaps to give character to a hallway.

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