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Floor Lamps

All our floor lamps reflect the classic style and supreme functionality of the original Anglepoise® design. With styles ranging from the ‘Giant’ to the ‘Mini’, you’ll find there is an Anglepoise® floor lamp to suit any interior space. 

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Floor Lamps

Just as you would expect, our Anglepoise floor lamps give character to an interior space, while also providing extremely effective; highly versatile lighting. Whether you are considering a ‘Mini’, ‘Midi’ or ‘Maxi’ option, all our floor lamps offer the style and adjustability that consumers expect from an Anglepoise product.

Experience breeds excellence

As with all of our acclaimed designs, the origin of our timeless floor lamp styles is rooted in our history. While the original lamp design has long been recognised an icon of British product design, it’s the sheer functionality of the lamp design that has ensured its continued popularity with consumers for over eighty years.

Since its invention by automotive engineer, George Carwardine, the trademark “constant tension” system of springs, cranks and levers has remained central to Anglepoise lamp design. What Carwardine had created was an adjustable and finely balanced lighting system, inspired by the musculature of the human arm. The continued use of this technology speaks volumes about its effectiveness and our ongoing commitment to classic British design.

The storied heritage of our floor lamps is perhaps most apparent in the Original 1227™ Giant floor lamp, which is a triple scaled replica of the original, archetypal Anglepoise design. Other floor lamp syles reinterpret the original Anglepoise design giving it a more contemporary aesthetic;. The Type 75™ floor lamp, for example, combines sleek modernist lines with all the functionality of the classic 1930’s Anglepoise design.

Durable and effective lighting

While we have gone to great lengths to ensure that our much loved, iconic Anglepoise design is included amongst our floor lamp collection, we have also ensured that there is plenty of choice within each individual range. Our aim is to create a wide variety of lamps to satisfy the needs of every prospective customer, whilst always remaining true to our original concept and design aesthetic.

The Original 1227™ Giant Collection is a light-hearted twist on our most classic Anglepoise lamp; yet its novel appearance belies its extensive utility. The Original1227™ desk lamp became an icon of British engineering, admired for its superb construction and ease of use. With a Giant 1227™ floor lamp you get all the functionality of the original lamp design, but realised on a much larger scale.

As with all of our lighting ranges, you can expect to find a wide array of stylish colours to choose from, as well as designs that offer aesthetic variation. From the modern styling of the colourful Type 1228™ to the timeless, modernist style of the Type 75™ and the familiar classic form of the Duo 1227™, we have an elegant floor lamp to suit anybody’s taste or any interior space.

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