Outdoor Lamps

Outdoor Lamps

Transform your garden terrace into a striking al fresco room with some stylish new outdoor lights from Anglepoise®. These are beautifully crafted, highly functional lamps, with the benefit of ultimate flexibility and balance afforded by the unique Anglepoise® spring mechanism; also stunning, illuminated sculptures that will add drama and style to your garden vista whether viewed from inside or out.

Product Range

Outdoor Lamps

Our outdoor lamps come with marine-grade materials and, for the first time, IP rating to withstand different weather conditions like rain and wind.

Everything you'd expect from an Anglepoise®

The outdoor lamps has all the features of our standard lamps plus more, giving the collection character and quality you'd expect to see from an Anglepoise® lamp.

While the original lamp design has long been recognised an icon of British design, it’s the sheer functionality of the lamp design that has ensured its continued popularity with consumers for over eighty years.

Since its invention by automotive engineer, George Carwardine, the trademark “constant tension” system of springs, cranks and levers has remained central to the Anglepoise design. What Carwardine had created was an adjustable and finely balanced lighting system, inspired by the musculature of the human arm. The continued use of this technology speaks volumes about its effectiveness and our ongoing commitment to classic British design.

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