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We have been creating task lights for 80 years and our Original 1227™ lamp is considered a British design classic. All our table lamps uphold the original design concept whilst incorporating essential modern features, including LED options and energy-saving bulbs.

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Table Lamps

If our 80 years of experience designing and manufacturing high quality lamps have taught us anything, it’s how to integrate style with practicality and usability. Nowhere is this more apparent than with our range desk lamps and table lamps. Not only will an Anglepoise® table lamp introduce iconic British style to a work or leisure space, it will also provide high-performance, exceptionally adjustable lighting.

Quality through heritage

You don’t gain the level of instant recognition that Anglepoise® desk and table lamps inspire without constantly re-evaluating and refining the design and manufacturing processes of your product. However, the longevity of our products and this iconic British brand can also be seen as a direct reflection of the strength of our original product design; the first Anglepoise® lamp was launched in 1934, and the fundamentals of its unique design carry over into all of our contemporary table lamps.

The concept of the first Anglepoise® lamp was the brainchild of automotive engineer George Carwardine, and was inspired by the “constant tension” arrangement of muscles in the human arm. The result of Carwardine’s design research was a series of springs, cranks and levers, which combined to create a balanced and easily adjustable lighting platform. His original design featured 4 springs, which were provided by spring specialists, Herbert Terry and Sons Ltd; a company famed for the variety and quality of their components. 

The table lamps that we stock today have their genesis in the adaptations made by Carwardine and the Herbert Terry and Sons Ltd design team in 1935, when their efforts to create a more domestically orientated task lamp resulted in the 3 spring Anglepoise® lamp design that is now more familiar to contemporary consumers. 

Some of our more recent designs are created by, renowned industrial product designer, Sir Kenneth Grange; including the Type 1228™ and Type 75™ desk lamps.

Practical, utilitarian construction

The storied history of Anglepoise® has allowed us to refine our table and desktop lamps on the bleeding edge of functionality and style; all our lamps are easy to use and varied in style, whilst still remaining true to the original Anglepoise® design concept. 

From the timeless, retro styling of the Original 1227™ collection of desk lamps, to the modern curves of the Type C™ desk lamp, there’s a wide range of designs to choose from, with each offering unique functionality, whilst also complementing a wide range of contemporary and traditional interior design styles. Of course, our table lamp designs also incorporate essential modern features, including LED options and energy-saving bulbs.

Anglepoise® table and desk lamps are available in a variety of colours and variant styles, ensuring that you’ll be able to find the perfect desk lamp; whether you intend to enhance a studio or workshop, or stylise a domestic space. Our selection ensures that there is something for everyone; moreover, an Anglepoise® desk lamp makes an excellent Christmas gift or birthday present for the discerning friend or relative. We invite you to browse our selection of table lamps today.

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