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Anglepoise® wall lights will add an extra dimension to any interior scheme. Simply rotate the flexible shade to focus a concentrated beam of light just where it’s needed, or tilt it away to disperse an ambient glow. 

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Wall Lights

Our wealth of experience, gained from creating some of the most iconic and high performing lighting solutions on the market, have helped to shape our range of wall lights. Many of the most popular Anglepoise® Collections now have wall mountable variants, such as in the Brass Original 1227™ Collection, so it’s now even easier to light up a room in an efficient and stylish manner.

Style and performance fine-tuned over decades

There’s a reason that Anglepoise® designs have such lasting appeal and cultural significance; we have spent years developing our designs, continually fine tuning and improving upon earlier models to create the ranges available today. The DNA of the original Anglepoise® lamp, launched way back in 1934, can still be seen in our current range of Anglepoise® wall lamps; the subtle blend of utility with style that was so important all those decades ago is still manifest in all Anglepoise® designs.

The genesis of the Anglepoise® design was in a theoretical concept invented by automotive suspension designer, George Carwardine. Using pure engineering principles that mirrored the inflexion of the human arm and ‘constant tension’ springs, manufactured by us when we were spring specialists, Herbert Terry and Sons Ltd., Carwardine had created a perfectly balanced, exceptionally flexible and fully articulated lamp. The Anglepoise® subsequently became both integral to our range and the new name of our company and many of our wall mounted lamps still show the defining characteristics of this very first Anglepoise® design.

In the intervening years, we have considerably broadened our range of lamps, our range of wall lights being one of the many evolutions that sprung from our first iconic design – all this whilst maintaining the high quality, ease-of-use and flexibility for which Anglepoise® is well known.  Some of our more recent designs were created by industrial product design luminary, Sir Kenneth Grange, providing exciting contemporary interpretations of our already iconic designs.

Easy-to-use and effective

Thanks to the knowledge that we have amassed over the years, we’ve been able to ensure that our range not only retains our acclaimed Anglepoise® design aesthetic, but also delivers an excellent degree of usability and utility. Adjusting an Anglepoise® wall light couldn’t be simpler; rotating the flexible shade allows you to transform the output from a concentrated beam of direct light to an indirect, dispersed ambient glow.

Whatever your personal needs in regards to lighting, we have the perfect Anglepoise® wall light to suit. Our range of smaller lights, such as the Type 75TM Mini Wall Light, are an excellent choice for introducing ambient lighting into a room. Use them in concert  to brighten a room generally, or focus individually to highlight specific elements of the room, such as artwork or mirrors. 

Conversely, the range of wall mounted lamps also available - the Brass Original 1227TM Wall Mounted Lamp for example - ,are ideally suited to use in conjunction with desks or over a work bench. Their greater range of movement and adjustability makes them ideal for illuminating work spaces, and assisting with intricate tasks. The increased adjustability of these articulated wall lights also makes them better suited to smaller workspaces than table lamps as they take up no desk space and can be folded back up against the wall when not in use.

We invite you to browse our selection today.

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