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Type 75 Desk Lamp - Paul Smith Edition

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Colour Edition Five

For the first time, Paul Smith's Artist Stripe meets Sir Kenneth Grange's Type 75 design to dramatic effect. With a full black colour drench - save for stripe - the Edition 5 is a new creative approach for our collaboration. 

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Elegant, fun and just a little bit eccentric: the Anglepoise + Paul Smith Edition 5 is here. Its head-to-toe black finish – from screws and fittings through to our signature springs – brings a focus to the purity of Sir Kenneth Grange's Type 75 design. But, we love to surprise so with the Paul Smith Artist Stripe, we get a hit of the colour mastery that Paul Smith is so famous for.

Paul Smith
The Designer

Paul Smith is Britain’s foremost designer, renowned for his creative aesthetic, which combines tradition and modernity.

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