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Anglepoise® Launches Stunning New Indoor & Outdoor Giant Lamps

Anglepoise® is delighted to unveil a new, enhanced, and greatly extended Giant Collection, including the first Giant Outdoor Collection, a new Giant wall mounted lamp with versions for indoor and outdoor use, a premium 3-piece Giant Brass Collection featuring solid brass components AND a new triple scale Giant interpretation of our best selling Type 75™ desk lamp - all this in addition to the Original 1227™ Giant floor lamp and pendant, which now comes in a stunning new colour palette. What’s more all the lamps are all hand built and made in Britain. 

The new, enhanced Original 1227™ Collection - Arriving April 2016

Our story began with a desk lamp. First launched in 1935, the brainchild of automotive engineer George Carwardine, the Original 1227™ set the standards by which other desk lamps were measured. Over the years the design has been sensitively updated for modern life and has become a design classic, beloved by design aficionados the world over.

Introducing Anglepoise® Studio

Venture into the Anglepoise® Studio today and be spoilt for choice. And with no less than 38 Studio colour permutations on offer, the versatile Original 1227™ Mini becomes a chameleon, blending or contrasting to express a myriad of personal interior styles, from pared-back minimalism to unbridled eclecticism and everything in-between.

Anglepoise® Original 1227™ Mini Collection

Scaled down to two-thirds of its original size, the Original 1227™ Desk Lamp assumes a new identity. This playful, more versatile and contemporary version of our most iconic and best loved 1930’s Anglepoise® design is the inspiration for a new 4-piece Original 1227™ Mini Collection, comprising a desk, table and two wall lamps.

Butterfly Anglepoise® by Roo Abrook

For the new Project Showcase at Aspex gallery in Portsmouth, Roo has put her unique artistic stamp onto an Angelpoise® Type 75™ transforming it’s clean modernist aesthetic into a fanciful – and symbolic - butterfly lamp.


One of the collaborators for the Creating Balance Project, My Dog Sighs initially used his Anglepoise® Original1227™ Lamp as a mixing palette. The lamp he created was so striking that it has been adopted as the main visual for the touring exhibition, showing next at Aspex in Portsmouth in the New Year.

Arachnophobes beware of the new Giant 1227 Chandelier!

We have been working hard for the last couple of weeks to come up with a product that really has to be seen to be believed. Spanning 4.5 metres across, and weighing over 300 KG, this really is a piece that makes a visual impact. It has also challenged our abilities in the art of structural engineering to deal with the huge forces involved. It will be shown for  the first time at Quibique, a new designer show in Germany next week ...