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Charity & Giving

Shining a light on causes close to our hearts.

In addition to raising money when we can, we believe giving our time to charitable causes is just a fundamentally a good thing to do. Everyone at Anglepoise has 1 day a year that they can use for volunteering and we encourage everyone to use this time as they see fit. We have colleagues who work in charity shops, support local schools, cover the phones at The Samaritans, work in animal charities and act as Trustees too.

Donations & Giving

Here’s what we’ve been up to in the last year…

  • More than 500 hours of volunteering completed
  • £3000 worth of raffle prizes given to a wide range of charities
  • Over £1500 raised for The Portsmouth Foodbank through  our ‘Pay It Forward’ initiative – if we send you a spare part for free, if you get a sample lamp for nada (e.g. if you are press) we ask that you make a financial goodwill gesture towards our local Food Bank. We even ask our team mates to share their pennies if they manage to get their hands on one of our office Bake Off cakes (there are some damn fine chefs in our midst).  
  • Pop up sale in Southsea – the last one raised £5000 for The Portsmouth Foodbank
  • We are committed to supporting the National Trust as a licensee for three years (22/23 is year 2). In year 1 we gave the National Trust £15, 000; in year 2 we will give them £20,000 and next year this rises to £25,000. These are all minimum donations for each year of our collaboration.
  • In 2022/23 every 90 Mini Mini or Giant lamp sold on our website in the UK or EU raised money for Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Childrens Charity. We paid RDMCC 15% of every sale.

Raising money or need a raffle prize?

Let’s talk

If you think our team could help you (we’re always happy to donate a lamp as a raffle prize) then please get in touch!

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