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Guaranteed for Life

All new Anglepoise lights come with a lifetime guarantee. It’s a way of demonstrating our belief that an Anglepoise is a lifelong companion. It is also part of our commitment to the Planet; we want to keep our lights working for life and out of landfill.

Terms and Conditions

For full terms and conditions of the Lifetime Guarantee please click the link below

Guaranteed For Life Terms And Conditions

Follow the steps

For help registering your lamp please see the steps below

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    Register your lamp

    If you’ve bought a new Anglepoise (from 2020 onwards) your light is backed by our lifetime guarantee. To register for your guarantee, find your ‘batch code.’ It can be found in a few different places depending on what you have bought. It might be on the carton, sometimes it’s inside the shade or under the base. We also ask for the model number and when the lamp was bought. Click here to register. Lifetime Guarantee Registration
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    Need more help? We’ll repair it

    Get in touch and our team will assess what is wrong with your lamp. If all you need is an easy to fit spare part – a new screw, for example – we will send you what you need so that you can get your light working again. If a bit more TLC is required – this is most likely for a vintage product – we will ask you to send the lamp to us so that we can check whether or not we can repair it. There may be a charge depending on how old your lamp is and the work required to fix it.
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    Need to chat?

    Across our website, you’ll see a Support button. Click that and you can type in a question (you’ll get an automated response based on our most frequently asked questions) or send us a message via Live Chat. We often help people with minor issues via email or telephone and sending a spare part. Or, you might need one of our repair kits, which is now helping to revive many beloved Anglepoise lights. Get in touch
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    We’ll recycle your old one

    We’ll be really clear with you; this is the Anglepoise last resort. If we really cannot fix your lamp, we will make sure it is responsibly recycled on your behalf.

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