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A Repair Story

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The lamp that (still) rocked

We’re proud to make products that last. And we’re even prouder to be able to mend lamps for those who have had them almost as long as we’ve been making them. So, we wanted to share a feel-good story, as told by our founder, Simon Terry, about a recent repair, and remind us all how treasuring the little things counts.

“This particular lamp – a Model 90, which is no longer in production – was bought some fifty years ago in a leafy corner of Surrey, England. After so many years of service the lamp had stopped working and so its owner got in contact with our technical team to see if we might be able to help. Fast forward a few weeks and several hours of toil in our workshop and the lamp is again functioning – let’s hope it’s ready to rock and roll for another 50 years.

Although our Lifetime Guarantee launched in 2020, we have always tried to repair old products when it is possible. We love to see our old products illuminating the homes of people who have been kind enough to choose an Anglepoise lamp in the first place. Our Technical team are absolute wizards, who look after all aspects of technical design, repair and development in the business and are always willing to step in and try to breathe new life back into someone’s light.”

Simon Terry