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Lighting Creativity in Portsmouth

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We set a live brief for their new 90 Mini Mini desk lamp to students from the University of Portsmouth studying a Digital Photography module in The School of Creative Technologies under the watchful eye of Claire Sambrook. Over the course of the year students were able to borrow a lamp and photograph this in a location and style of their choosing. They needed to tell the story of their lamp in the final outcome and use it as a prop. This could be used in shot to light a person, piece of work, room / table or even outdoors at night. Students were encouraged to be unique and show the product in a different way.

“It always amazes me the way creative thinkers can dynamically rethink a theme like the modern workspace and at the same time challenge, probe, excite and entertain your product and brand.” Simon Terry, MD, Anglepoise

Photograph by Wilson Tavares

Photograph by Ryan Curtis

“This was a very interesting project for me, having not been involved with product photography before. The lamp itself allowed me to experiment more with using props and different light sources and the effects they can have on a picture and I am very greatful for the opportunity to work with Anglepoise. Every desk and mobile office needs one of these light and effective lamps.” Ryan Curtis – BA Media & Digital Practice

Photograph by Kinari Paresh Swali

“The brief that we were set had expected us to tell a story of our lamp and for mine, the story was that no matter how one’s thoughts or life may be full of darkness, there will always be a source of light and hope. Not only do I like how the lamp is portable, but I also liked how you can adjust the brightness of the light to your suitability.” Kinari Swali – BSc Digital Media

Photograph by Daniel Rose

“It was great to explore product photography and work alongside a real client who allowed me to have full creative direction with my photography. The design of the lamp is amazing. The fact is it versatile and portable enabled me to enhance my photography and think outside the box” Daniel Rose – BA Digital Marketing

Photograph by Anouk Boetekees